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A. Buckler actively looks to reclaim as much useable material as possible from our demolition projects.

Our Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO 14001 (Environment) which further showcases our dedication to the recycling of materials from demolition.

The current reclaimed items for sale are:


  • Reclaimed Handmade 2”

  • Reclaimed Handmade 2.5”

  • Reclaimed Handmade 3”

  • Wire cut 3”



  • Cast Antique Girders

  • Cast Antique Triangle Girders

  • Steel Girders

  • Cast Columns


  • Reclaimed Fireplaces

  • Reclaimed Belfast Sinks

  • Cast Iron Radiators

Demolition - Asbestos - Remediation Specialists

Roof Coverings

  • Welsh Slates (various sizes)

  • Handmade Tiles

  • Ridge Tiles

  • Stone Tiles

  • Chimney Pots


  • York Stone Flags

  • Whinstone Setts

  • Slag Setts

  • Stone Pillars

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